Is Mountain Lion Worth The Upgrade? (Updated)

OSX Mountain Lion was released yesterday and it brings with it many new features and add-ons which is a great offer at $20 for the upgrade, but there are a few catches:

  • You have to have a relatively recent Mac to get all the features.  For example, AirPlay screen sharing is only available if you have an early 2011 Mac Book Pro or later.
  • You lose some features that you may have depended on.  My pet peeve here is Web Sharing which I used all the time.  OSX still have Apache with it, but the web sharing feature which allowed for user based folders is gone.  To bring it back, all you need to do, is find your old user conf file (from a time machine backup) and add it back to /etc/apache2/users/.
  • Looks like you can also only enter Time Machine if it is enabled.  I typically turn it off and do manual backups using its menu bar option and I do not recall having issues with Lion in getting into time machine while automatic backup was not enabled.

Had I known this yesterday, I may have held off for a bit, but it is still worth the $20 upgrade.





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