OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Continues to Blur the Line to iOS

Apple’s next version of OSX is around the corner, and it continues to blur the lines between iOS and OSX. You can read more about that on Gizmodo.

By why not just allow iOS apps to run on OSX? With all the talks about sandboxing apps and bringing more iOS features to OSX, it just seems like they are trying to take off the band-aid slowly, rather than doing it and getting it over with. OSX already runs the iOS simulator which has amazing performance on OSX….so just make it into a wrapper app that gets kicked off as soon as an iOS app is launched in OSX. It should be relatively easy to determine if the app is intended for iPhone of iPad and size the app accordingly.

This would instantly increase the number of customers for any iOS app, not to mention bringing in a ton of new apps to OSX. I don’t see a downside. Do you?






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