No Rumour Mill is like Apple’s

You have to love the hype around Apple’s products. Every year around February and June, the rumors start about cheaper iPhones and smaller iPad’s. Every year, they are wrong but it does not stop the same rumors from spreading. IN every case, there are insiders and suppliers close to Apple that have relayed this information, but yet it never comes to pass.

This time is the WSJ that has an article on a smaller iPad coming out. The only thing believable is that it will have the similar screen resolution to the iPad2. But it doesn’t add up.

Cheaper iPhones:

Smaller iPads:

  • Apple is doing just fine dominating the tablet market with a one-size-fits-all iPad.
  • The iPad was meant to have a different user experience than the iPhone, so why would Apple muddy the waters?
  • Like the iPhone, every new iPad will make the older iPad the cheaper alternative, so a smaller iPad is not necessary for a cheaper version.
  • One of iOS’s greatest strengths is that it has limited the screen resolutions to ensure that development for iOS is easy.  Look at the mess Android is in and you know Apple will never go there.
  • Last but not least, The Apple lord himself (yes, Steve Jobs), commanded that there will not be a smaller iPad.

IMHO, these rumours are not true, but that will not stop them from recurring every year.  Eventually, as technology advances and its easier to fit more in smaller sizes they will be true and those spreading them will claim they said it first.





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