Did you get your pre-ordered iPhone 4S?

Or are you sitting on the side lines watching those who had not pre-ordered enjoy their new iPhones? The latter situation seems to be more common than I would have thought, with myself counting amongst them.

Many people rushed to pre-order the iPhone 4S to some extent due to the shortage experience with the iPhone 4 when it first came out or perhaps due to the fact that they had waited since the iPhone 3GS, or worse 3G. In fact, this was Apple’s most successful pre-order iPhone yet. But what ended up happening is that not everyone got their pre-orders on the 14th, and instead had to watch others walk into an Apple store and purchase one with relative ease. I even heard of cases where folks purchased an iPhone in stores despite having ordered it online with the intention to return the pre-order once it arrives.

I think this is a case where Apple could score extra browny points for awarding those early pre-orders with a free bumper or some other small gesture of thanks, but it won’t. It won’t because it know it had us at Siri.

As for me, my iPhone sits idle in a UPS warehouse close by only to be delivered to me on Monday so i am living vicariously through internet reviews till then. I hope you already got yours.






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