Best Wishes To Steve Jobs

It was a sad moment to hear that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple, Inc. As the inter-webs are speculating, this most likely due to his health condition.

We all knew this was coming, but it was just one of those things you hope somehow never happens. We and the market have been in the process of getting prepared for this moment since Steve took his first leave of absence.

Jobs is truly a remarkable man. He managed to bring Apple back from the brink of extinction and make it the second most valuable company in the world. He is one of those rare visionaries that is able to execute his vision with extreme precision. As much as It was about the bottom line and making money, it was always clear that he took great pride in the products that Apple put out and was not afraid of going against the flow if it meant that in the end he produced his vision the way the saw fit. Over time we have come to love Apple products and their superiority over the rest of the tech market. Tim Cook has some mighty big shoes to fill.

We wish him good health and fast recovery.

Question: Does this mean the the iPhone 5 will be an instant classic since it may be the last Apple product Steve had a hand in?

I will certainly do my part to make sure Apple beats Exxon for the number 1 spot.






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