Getting started with PhoneGap

PhoneGap just released version 0.9.5, but it still does not fix the issue with getting a project started with Xcode 4. Here is what I did to get my project going:

  1. Make sure Xcode is closed.
  2. Install the latest version of PhoneGap
  3. Go to Xcode prefrences -> Source Trees -> Add a new entry PHONEGAPLIB = /Users/<your username>/Documents/PhoneGapLib
  4. Either get, or use PhoneGap’s build system to get you started.

This is harder of the two routes, and it may have just been my experience due to point #1, but all you have to do is provide two parameters: a) the project name b) The path where it needs to be installed.

PhoneGap Build

This is easy as cake. Just put in your project name and in 30 seconds or so you get a project zip file you can download and get started.

Happy coding!





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