iPad2: Worth the upgrade?

I got my iPad2 on the day it was release in the states. I got the same model I already had (32GB WiFi) and I was very excited mainly for three reasons:

  1. It finally came with a camera which should have been there from the start.
  2. It was lighter (although not by much).
  3. The A5 processor is a dual core power house.

So am I happy with the upgrade? Not sure. The camera is really about the only thing that made it worth while for me. While the A5 is much more powerful, I don’t really use mine to play alot of games. I just use it mainly for reading and browsing and the occasional movie.

What’s nice about it

  • Lighter
  • Thinner
  • More powerful
  • Dual camera
  • Smart cover

What’s not so nice

  • Smart cover
  • Low quality Cameras

While the smart cover is very nice as a gadget, it is not practical. It does not cover the back which can scratch easily and it provides no protection for the iPad. My original iPad fell out of my hand once while walking on a solid concrete floor, and it barely got a scratch mainly thanks to Apples iPad case, but the smart cover, while cool, provides none of that protection.

As for the cameras, while it is the main attraction for many folks, the quality of the cameras are not as good as the iPhone 4’s. Which is also probably why apple does not specify the megapixels on their site.

So was is worth it?

The answer to this is very personal, and what I say here will not apply to all, but for me its a close call. Even though I covered most of my cost by selling my first gen iPad, and I do have the latest gadget, I find myself much more careful with this one, since it is not protected as well.

So if you’re not a heavy gamer and don’t really care about the camera, save your money and stick with your original. If you know how Apple works, its gonna be the next one to get the better cameras and the Retina display.






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