TDK is showing off see-through & Curved OLED Displays

I love Engadget. Its like a drool factory for gadget lovers. They just had a blog post showing TDK’s latest OLED displays.

While this by itself is an amazing achievement, think of what it will enable in the future. At the speed things are moving, within the next 10 years, we will have these embedded in our bluetooth enabled RayBan sun glasses. The first thought, of course, will be that we can all watch our favorite movies and YouTube clips while commuting, but the more important feature will be the Internet of Things. As small as cameras are getting, I would love to have one embedded in my reading or sunglasses with one of these displays. Then when I turn on my “Smart Presence Aware” app on my phone, it will automatically connect with my glasses, process everything that it captures through the camera there, and then highlight and give me information on each of them.

Better yet, much like some of the current viewfinders, the glasses can detect what I am looking at, and highlight that object and give me information on it. Sort of like Terminator. I can instantly measure any object I see, get its weight, other properties, price, etc. Then, if I am really interested, I would get my phone out of my pocket and click a button so I can see the Wikipedia article on that object….through my glasses.

I would never have to remember anyone’s name, since my phone will immediately do face recognition and give me their name, along with the history of our latest communication, spouse’s name, children, current Facebook status, etc.

I will be instantly smarter.

Until then, I will have to rely on my vitamin B supplements to help my memory.






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