Tag: Networking

  • Fixing a bricked EdgeRouter Lite

    Last week the EdgeRouter I use for my office did not come back after a reboot or perhaps I was too impatient, so I tried to reset it and that is when things went wrong. Long story short, somehow I got the router into a state where it would not boot up anymore and the…

  • IoT Devices and Network Security

    This is going to be a multi-part post about securing your home/business network and separating your IoT devices into their own to keep them and yourself “safer”. With the explosion of IoT in the recent years, it is hard to find anything without some sort of “smart” capabilities. Whether it is a TV, Sonos, Nest…

  • Calculate the Broadcast IP for your network

    There is a good article on how to calculate the broadcast IP based on your IP address and net mask on eHow. What I have here is a quick utility to facilitate things. provide IP and netmask: IP: Netmask: Broadcast IP: